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Future scope and career growth for SAP FICO
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 What Is The Future Scope And Career Growth For SAP FICO

        SAP is one of the leading software worldwide and its demand increasing in large scale. It offers large number of career options within its domain. Career in SAP FICO is still a very good option due to its demand. If you are from accounts or finance background SAP FICO is the better option.

To make a career in SAP FICO module, one should get certified in the SAP FICO module. It is most common and frequently asked questions related to the scope and career growth for SAP FICO.

What Is SAP FICO Module?

      In SAP there are around 28 modules, few of the modules are considered as mainstreams. SAP FICO which means Finance and the controlling module is one of them. SAP FICO is the combination of two different SAP modules, SAP FI (Finance) and SAP CO(Controlling).

Who Can Do SAP FICO?

      There are no particular qualifying criteria for doing SAP FICO, anyone can make a career in SAP FICO candidates with keen interest. However, some basic qualifications required to understand the SAP FICO module. A person with a degree that is B.COM, BBA, CA, CS, CFA and B.Tech. Postgraduates like M. Com, MBA etc can learn this module. A person having experience on any accounting software etc.

How Is The Future Scope For SAP FICO?

         The future scope for SAP FICO is very huge. Most of the companies, industries are working on the FICO for the functional part of their business process. Industries who are working on the non-ERP model earlier are now shifting towards ERP software to manage their business effectively. As a result of this, there is a huge scope for job opportunities. It is increasing day by day.

        Finance and Management Accounting are two major departments for any small-scale industry, large- scale industry necessary to have SAP FICO.

What Is The Career Growth In SAP FICO?

        The career growth in SAP FICO is really good and strategic. The career path for SAP FICO is will definitely go high but it is a step-by-step process. But it takes few years to get in to high positions.

      A fresher in SAP FICO can join as an associate consultant. After 2 years of experience (approx.) there may be chance to become a consultant. After 3-4 years of experience you would be capable of Sr.consultant. After this, there are many senior positions.

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Is SAP FICO A Good Career In 2022?

  Yes, SAP FICO has a good career as it is a very demanding module. SAP FICO is the leading ERP worldwide it offers huge number of career options. It is even good if you are from accounts or finance background.

 Every graduate student can pursue SAP course after their graduation based on their interest. SAP FICO is one of the best courses to do now a days. Surely you have a bright career a head. If you decide to start a career as an SAP FICO consultant assure that it is important to take the training from an experienced and good trainer.

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