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How to Get SAP FICO Job without Experience

Have you completed your SAP FICO Certification course? Searching for a job to start your career as a SAP FICO Consultant? While searching, you might come across with several job postings but everyone will ask for the experienced candidate, right? The thing is: You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience… But as a fresher, how you will get your dream job?  Here, I am going to share few tips with you, which will help you to start your career in SAP FICO field with ZERO years of experience. What to know how? Continue reading to know “How to Get SAP FICO Job without Experience”. I have done some ground research and provide the below tips based on the experience of successful SAP FICO consultants and given here.

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Step 1:

In the first try, if you didn’t get a proper job to work in SAP FICO module, don’t lose hope. You can search for an admin post or HR post in a company which uses SAP Modules in their organization. This will help to build your skills in working with SAP FICO; this gives you experience along with salary.

Step 2:

Once you started working in a company, use the opportunities available to develop your SAP knowledge, from practical to theoretical approach. Do your exercise in SAP Modules by working on restructures, reporting, and auditing the reports, preparing exemption reports, data validation reports and so on. Doing all these will help you to sharpen your skills and always make you to stay updated.

Step 3:

Make sure to do your best in SAP Modules and try to implement all the skills which you learned while attending SAP FICO Training Courses. By doing so, you will get the attention of the manager or team head and it will result in some good benefits. So don’t think that you have joined as an Admin and you are supposed to do that work only. Rather, do all the works related to SAP FICO and bring out your potentials. 

Step 4:

By seeing your dedication, knowledge, hands-on approach, experience, and interest in SAP FICO, you can reap your benefits very faster. There is a chance for you to get a promotion to a new role to be a part of the SAP Project.

Step 5:

As a fresher, it’s really hard for you to get a job as a professional SAP FICO Consultant. But if you are focused, determined and passionate about SAP and continue doing your practice to build your skills, then nothing will stop you from being a SAP FICO Professional Consultant.

Bonus Tip:-

While applying for a job, don’t lie on your CV and don’t try to brush over it to make yourself as an experienced guy. If you come across with any job (HR or Admin) from a good company with less salary, grab the opportunity!

Don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Getting your foot in the ladder success is crucial, and you never know what might come next.  We wish you all the best to get your dream job ASAP!

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