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How can I get a job in SAP FICO?

     SAP ERP is a German developed software, which is one of the leading software world-wide. SAP stands for System Applications and Products in data processing. SAP provides best solutions to all type of industries. SAP FICO is one of the functional modules in SAP ERP which helps to manage all the financial data. SAP FICO is a certification degree course which deals with finance and controlling module. In SAP FICO, FI represents Financial Accounting and CO represents Controlling.

   Aspirants who are interest in SAP FICO, to get a job in SAP FICO, you have to learn the subject first. When you plan to do something, you have to move systematically that can help in your progress.

Here are some steps to follow to get a job in SAP FICO.

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1.Look for Best SAP FICO Training

      The first and most important step is to Look for best SAP FICO training. You need to choose the best institute in which best trainers are there. An institute may offer like discounts, job assistance, etc. It is your primary aim to get trained and gain real knowledge to get the best job in SAP FICO. If you get good training, you will be self- sufficient to get the best job2. Practice

      The next step is practising, you know the process and the concepts but you need to practice the subject whatever you learn in the training. Do practical’s, configurations, resolve issues and that all by yourself. If you have any doubts try to resolve yourself, because self-learning is most important. However, you may clarify with your trainer and fellow mates also.

3.Practice Interview Questions for SAP FICO

     The very next step after completion of the course, you need to prepare for the interview. For this, you need to go through a lot of interview questions and answers which are related to SAP FICO for getting a job. Search for the material you will get lot of material there, you go through many of them and practice them. So that you have good practical knowledge and have an idea.

4. Explore Job Sites

    After practising you need to explore job sites. Visit popular job sites like Naukri.com etc. and go through the vacancies posted by organizations and companies. Go through with their skill requirements carefully. Question yourself on each skill weather you know it or not. Finally, if you are thoroughly prepared for them, next you need to apply those jobs.

   At this point, after applying for the job, you need to prepare a good resume about your qualifications and skills which is very important for applying job. we need to wait and hope for the calls from companies which we have applied. Trust your skills and knowledge and wait for the right time.

5. Interviews

       After applying for job when you get the call from the particular company they may schedule for an interview. Interviews always create nervousness, when you are a fresher, you feel very nervous. To overcome this, you need to take mock interviews and practice well, it is very important when you face the real interview you can really overcome with your stress. Success may not come in one interview, you should go in multiple interviews. With this you may gain some experience, and you may able to choose job as per your preference.

Most of the companies hire SAP FICO consultants who have some work experience. Not only in this sector but any sector they seek at least 1-2 years of experience anywhere. So, work for 1-2 years anywhere weather it is big or small sector, it will help you to get the job in SAP FICO soon.


To make a successful career in SAP FICO, follow the above steps to achieve your goals. If you choose SAP FICO as your career and are you looking for the best institute to join. Training expand is the best place to join for all SAP modules. In training expand our experienced trainers teach the students skill full and practical training with placement assistance.

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