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SAP Hana Training in Hyderabad

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    SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

    Unlock the powerful technology in next-generation SAP ERP by learning SAP HANA Training at Training Expand in Hyderabad!

    Introduction to SAP HANA Training Courses

    Among all other SAP Modules, SAP HANA is the game-changing and best-selling product in the history of SAP. This SAP module helps companies in solving complex data and provides real-time support in reporting and latency challenges. Get started with the new and exciting world of real-time reporting and big data by learning SAP HANA Training!

    The online training course provides an extraordinary overview of SAP HANA even for basic learners who do not have any knowledge in SAP but still wish to their career as an SAP Consultant by building their SAP HANA Skills.

    By enrolling in this course, you will provide course materials that give a comprehensive overview of the processes in SAP HANA Sourcing and Procurement. Under this course, you will learn about the fundamentals, major business processes, and functions.

    You will learn about the different tasks available to manage and handle SAP HANA Systems and all other administration tools including cockpit web-based tools. And also, we will guide you to examine the operations offered for both individual and multiple database handling, resource monitoring, configuration management, backup, and recovery. We will provide real-time training sessions to explore the factors that affect performance such as analyzing memory usage, SQL Statements, and workloads.

    Our course is designed by experienced SAP professionals to train all learners, including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level. Our course also covers the installation of SAP HANA Replication, Server Installation, and Configuration. Our training session also demonstrates the highlights of SAP Hana Concepts and will give hands-on exercises to reinforce learning points.



    What is the Cost & Duration for learning SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad?

    The cost and the duration for learning SAP HANA Training will vary based on the training institute which you choose. To know our training sessions, the duration of each session, and the cost of learning SAP HANA, contact us today!

    Join Training Expand today & start learning the basic & advanced concepts of SAP HANA Training Courses!


    What Will I Learn?

    • By enrolling this SAP HANA Training Courses online, you will be benefitted as follows:-
    • Learn how to make the preparations for HANA Installation
    • Get a better idea on HANA installation and post-installation tasks
    • Learn SAP HANA Architecture
    • Learn the implementation of SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0
    • Learn SAP HANA Scenarios and Deployment Options
    • Learn the Tools and Database Administration
    • Learn how to do backup and Recovery in SAP HANA Modules
    • Gives you a hands-on approach in managing Multitenant Database
    • Get more information on SAP HANA High Availability & SAP HANA Disaster Tolerance
    • Learn how to handle SAP HANA Fault Tolerance
    • Learn how to manage SAP HANA System & Proactive Monitoring


    • The one who currently plays the role of an SAP Basis Administrator
    • Those who have already have experience in managing SAP System and Data Center Administration
    • Those who have learned SAP Business Solution and SAP Project Manager
    • Those aspirants who wish to start their career to become an SAP Professional or SAP Consultant
    • If you fall in any of the above categories, you can start enrolling yourself at Training Expand to learn SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad!
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